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09 May 2010

Disadvantage of Database Processing

"Om Swastiastu"

After I posted the advantage of database processing, today I want to give you the opposite one. Disadvantage of the database processing. There are 4 disadvantage of database processing I can tell to you:

  1. Larger file size
  2. Increased complexity
  3. Greater impact of failure
  4. More difficult recovery
Larger file size. In order to support all the complex functions that it provides to users, a DBMS must be a large program that occupies a great amount of disk space as well as a substantial amount of internal memory. In addition, because all the data that the database manages for you is stored in one file, the database file itself requires a large amount of disk space and internal memory.

Increased complexity. The complexity and breadth of the functions provided by a DBMS make it a complex product. Users of the DBMS must learn a great deal to understand the features of the system in order to take full advantage of it. In the design and implementation of a new system that uses a DBMS, many choices have to be made; it is possible to make incorrect choices, especially with an insufficient understanding of the system. Unfortunately, a few incorrect choices can spell disaster for the whole project. A sound database design is critical to the successful use of a DBMS.

Greater impact of failure. In a nondatabase, file-oriented system, each user has a completely separate system; the failure of any single user's system does not necessarily affect any other user. On the other hand, if several users are sharing the same database, a failure on the part if any one user that damages the database in someway might affect all the other users.

More difficult recovery. Because database inherently is more complex than a simple file, the process of recovering it in the event of a catastrophe also is more complicated. This is particularly true if the database is being updated by many users at the same time. The database must first be restored to the condition it was in when it was last known to be correct; any updates made by users since that time must be redone. The greater the number of users involved in updating the database, the more complicated this task become.

Well, that's what I can tell about the disadvantage of the database processing.

"Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhi, Om"


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