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18 December 2009

Kevin Aprilio - Cathy Sharon

"Om Swastiastu"

Hi guys, this time I want to share Kevin Aprilio's song. The title is Cathy Sharon. I heard that Kevin likes Cathy, so that's why he wrote this song directed to Cathy. But don't worry, Kevin's already have a girlfriend. I just want to share this song. Okay, here are the lyrics.

Kevin Aprilio (Vierra's Pianist)
Cathy Sharon

Her name is Cathy Sharon
I wanna ask her out
Her name is Cathy Sharon
She's way to beautiful

I know I'm way to young
But I don't give a damn
They call me crazy
But my heart speaks out

Breath in
Don't deny don't hide your feeling
You'll be fine with me
It's not too late
To close my eyes I think about you you'll be fine tonight

Hey girl give me a chance
To make you smile
Make you high
Cathy what a beatiful
What a pretty name
Give me a chance to tell
That I like you (that I like you)

Musician and a host aren't that so thin
I wanna be your some for of your life

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Listen to my story
And listen to your heartbeat your heartbeat
This song's from my heart for you Sharon
Remember all the words

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I like you

That's all the lyric. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the download link. Click here.

"Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhi, Om"


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