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09 February 2012

How to Share File Between Two Computers

As we have seen windows have security features that are also very good with the way the system handles different file and folder, especially when associated with the network. For some people may be constrained in sharing files and folders in a company or home. Use a usb flash will certainly make us need a lot of time in exchange for a file or folder. Unless you share files between computers using the company network or your home. here I will give How to Share Files Between Two Computers.Here we tell how to do it in windows 7 :

  1. Setting sharing files on windows
  2. Make sure the PC windows 7 have the same group. 
    IT Programmer
    (Basically this is not the absolute price, but it would be easier if you create a group similar to connect the two computers).
  3. Open the Control Panel, select Network and Internet and you proceed to click Network Sharing Center and click Change advanced sharing setting.
  4. Change all the settings to allow other computers can access the computer is windows 7. If necessary, do not use password protection option so that people are sharing access to a computer you no longer need to access using a password.
  5. IT Programmer
    (Do not use this option on public networks such as hotspots in cafes, mall or other public areas for the safety of your data)
  6.  Click Save changes
  7. Open windows explorer and right click the file or folder to be shared and then select Properties.
  8. Click the Sharing tab followed by clicking the Share button.
  9. IT Programmer
  10. On the drop down menu, add the users are allowed to access the folder
  11. (In this example I use evryone, which essentially everyone can access without going through autenstikasi and password).
  12. Finally, click share and followed by clicking the Done button.

To retrieve files on the share, open windows explore and select Network on the client computer. Find and double-click the computer name of the shared file. Click the folder you are sharing and try to grab or copy the data from there.


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